Miki Lab.
Brainwave Measurement and Applications

This study focuses on non-invasive methods to measure brain activity using EEG and their applications in various fields such as mental health, cognitive enhancement, and brain-computer interfaces.

Wearable Biosensors

The study investigates wearable biosensors capable of measuring various physiological parameters, aiming to improve health monitoring, early diagnosis, and personalized healthcare.

Virtual Reality and the Five Senses

This research aims to create immersive virtual reality experiences by stimulating all five senses, and explore its potential applications in fields such as therapy, training, and entertainment.

Artificial Cell Membranes

This research focuses on the development of artificial cell membranes for applications in drug delivery, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine.


This study explores haptic technology and its applications in fields such as virtual reality, robotics, and medical devices, aiming to improve human-machine interaction.


This research investigates different types of stents, their materials, and design, as well as their applications in treating various cardiovascular and other conditions.

Facial Paralysis Treatment Devices

This study focuses on developing devices for the treatment of facial paralysis, including non-invasive stimulation techniques and rehabilitation strategies.

AI-based Conversation Evaluation

This research explores the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze and evaluate conversations, with potential applications in language learning, customer service, and therapy.

Ultrasound plobes for Breast Cancer Detection

This study involves the development of ultrasound probes designed to improve the early detection of breast cancer by providing an easy-to-use, non-invasive screening tool.

Artificial Kidneys

The research aims to develop artificial kidneys as a potential alternative to dialysis or transplantation for patients with kidney failure, focusing on biomaterials and functional design.
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